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Flag of the Apple Corps by CyberPhoenix001 Flag of the Apple Corps :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 7 0
Mature content
Tales from the Grey Skies: The Urban Abyss :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 3 0
Tales from the Grey Skies: The Uncanny Valley
“Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. We will be arriving at our destination in approximately ten minutes. Please gather all your personal belongings and prepare to exit the vessel.”
And not a moment too soon, thought Harry as he picked up the luggage already stacked on the floor of his cabin in preparation. He was not keen to spend a single minute on this flying heap than he had too. Looking around the room, he was outraged that airlines had the nerve to even allow such an accommodation (one that, in his opinion, wouldn’t seem out of place in a submarine) to even exist on a flight of any sort. Just the cherry on top of the sundae that was the worst vacation ever, he grumbled inwardly.
Lugging his bags out into the austere grey corridor, he could see that quite a few passengers had had the same idea. Numerous men, women and children filled the space in front of him as they shuffled forward awkwardly towards the exit, ready to disembark. Al
:iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 1 0
Flag of Animatica by CyberPhoenix001 Flag of Animatica :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 3 0 Ghost Dimension Flag by CyberPhoenix001 Ghost Dimension Flag :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 5 5 SillyHunterBoyHK's Flag by CyberPhoenix001 SillyHunterBoyHK's Flag :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 6 1
A Letter from a Star Cross'd World
Progress Report No. 1
Well, this is B.V., reporting in from World 3A2A3A, and this is an odd one to say the least. It's definitely a particularly alien world, or, at the very least, one of the more alien I've personally encountered in my travels, but that's one of the benefits of being in this job; you get to see new places and meet new people, even if they are from a different Earth altogether. I'm still trying to comprehend how I feel about these people that I've come across, or even about the knowledge itself; that we are merely one of countless timelines diverging off one another. Kind of makes one question one's place in the bigger picture of things.
Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked; back to the report. This world, in stark contrast to ours and many others, is wholly dominated by two colossal empires stretching across the Earth. However, they are almost completely at peace with one another, almost in a “united” status. I suppose the closest OTL analogue would be Sorzem i
:iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 6 3
A Place Calling Itself Rome
In this timeline, much like in the famous timeline Decades of Darkness, the New England states of the US secede in the early 19th century. Later down the line, however, the New Englanders managed to top them again in an attempt by the US to recapture their lost territories, managing to dislodge and absorb a number of other states from the US instead, dealing a massive blow and turning the two nations into bitter enemies who consistently failed to reconcile for another century and a half.
That is to say, until they both wiped each other off the face of the Earth. Yep, this is a bit of a grim one.
The main powers of this world are Italy, Russia, China and L’Estado Amarillo, a predominantly Latin American union that also has some territory in Africa and Oceania. None are democratic; it is a particularly repressive world with a paranoid political climate. To this world’s denizens, the majority of them would say that the question of “freedom versus security
:iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 11 6
Warner Knights Flag by CyberPhoenix001 Warner Knights Flag :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 7 4 Superhero OC - Ursa Magna by CyberPhoenix001 Superhero OC - Ursa Magna :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 13 3
From One Moon To Another
In this world, Islam rolled a considerably larger number of sixes early on, and, for the most part, just kept on rolling them. The House of Tariq has had its ups and down, but the outcome of the last great war has firmly cemented the Tariqid Empire as the de facto Master of Earth.
Stretching from *Paraguay to *Vladivostok, encompassing the near-entirety of Africa and controlling almost all of Central Europe through to the Low Countries, and with allies in India, Novgorod, Japan and the Chimu Empire, the Universal Caliphate stands supreme upon the world stage, a juggernaut of military, political and economic might. At the centre of it all is the fabled city of Istanbul, a mammoth monument to the achievement and ingenuity of humankind; a sprawling cityscape dedicated to the romantic ideals of Islamic history.
Presiding over it all is the Universal Caliph, a democratically elected representative who serves as the Executive Branch of the Tariqid Government as well as the de jure<
:iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 8 4
Mature content
This Ain't Alternate History: A XXX Parody :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 7 7
Flag of Deathtopia by CyberPhoenix001 Flag of Deathtopia :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 6 2
Into the Glorious Expanse Above
The year was 2010, and Earth had just made its first contact with alien intelligence. No one could have anticipated such an event, nor the way it played out, because if you had told someone with no initial knowledge of how it all went down, they would have immediately called you a liar.
What happened? Suffice it to say that a flying saucer crashed down in an isolated space in the State of Maryland, with the beings emerging from it resembling, no joke, little green men in ridiculous silvery outfits and antennae on their oversized heads. Already with First Contact on unshakably tenuous footing in the dignity department, it all came crashing down with the first words out of the alien commander’s mouth to the humans it encountered in the first ever communication between humans and aliens:
“Take us to your leader.”
And with those five deadly words, never before uttered with any hint of sincerity, humanity’s chance at a glorious and history-making meeting was rendered
:iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 13 13
Flag of the Cyberpunk Dimension by CyberPhoenix001 Flag of the Cyberpunk Dimension :iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 5 2
The Pearl of Norway
In this world, the 1807 Second Battle of Copenhagen never takes place, as Napoleon was successfully captured by the Russians during the Battle of Eylau, with his successors botching the follow-up campaigns and the Allies ending the reign of Napoleonic France early. Thus, Denmark-Norway avoided the catastrophic outcome that came of joining France against the Allies, and enters the post-Napoleon Era in a much stronger position. However, conflicts with Sweden over Prussia in the immediate aftermath still led to a war with Sweden, but the whole thing ended up being a bit of a wash with Sweden the de facto loser and with Norway still seceding from Denmark to become its own independent nation in far better economic shape and with a much stronger navy than OTL.
Germany became divided between Austria, Denmark, Bavaria, Britain (who directly occupied Hanover in the aftermath) and Russia, while in the Americas there never was a “War of 1812”; instead, a war between the United
:iconcyberphoenix001:CyberPhoenix001 5 8

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Why would a werewolf decide to work at a super market deli?
A fair enough question, if rather odd. It's a question which usually dances about my head sometime after the seemingly thousandth slab of meat I vivisect each day, and despite its frequency, I've no satisfying answer.
It begins as a whisper, almost blending in with the rhythmic smack of cleaver against meat, when the blood hits my nose and I remember the joy of running through the forest with my family, of devouring a deer, exhausted from being chased through the forest. Despite all the fond memories though, I know they're only that; I broke off ties with my pack for good reasons, even if they're not that clear mid-way through an eight-hour shift covered in processed viscera.   
"Jesus Mikey, who shat on your poodle?"   
I felt a smile spread across my face in defiance of the perfectly good funk I'd worked myself into. Jamie (last name none of your business) leapt up and slid across the deli count
:iconalexiem:AlexieM 13 2
Night Club Princess by alexmakovsky Night Club Princess :iconalexmakovsky:alexmakovsky 1,623 208 Fright Night by amorphisss Fright Night :iconamorphisss:amorphisss 1,040 148 In a Safe Place by JJcanvas In a Safe Place :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 5,369 167 Athara by Gulaschnikov Athara :icongulaschnikov:Gulaschnikov 38 1 Red Light District by jcbarquet Red Light District :iconjcbarquet:jcbarquet 5,167 372 Princess Of Grunge by Karl97 Princess Of Grunge :iconkarl97:Karl97 135 15
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Flag of the Apple Corps
A flag for a wacked-out alternate history in the land of Equestria I came up with on a whim:

"Despite Princess Celestia's best efforts, the history of modern Equestria has been defined primarily by conflict. While the fights against Nightmare Moon, Discord, King Sombra and the Dragon invasion all turned out to be largely manageable (some more than others), one persistent source of friction has come from the township of Ponyville, continuously sparked by the notorious "Apple" clan. Started by the infamous Granny Smith following a bad crop blight in which miscommunication led to suffering and recrimination, the anti-authoritarian left-wing militia organisation known as the Apple Corps has been a constant thorn in the side of those who desire peace and harmony across the territory of Equestria. Of particular note was when, during the aforementioned Dragon invasion, the local branch led by family members Applejack and Big Macintosh seized control of the local Ponyville government and declared the creation of a sovereign city-state within Equestrian borders. The situation lasted for two weeks of tense negotiations before they willingly surrendered and order was restored. Regardless, the banner of the Apple Corps, cemented into popular discourse, was thus adopted both by discontented Ponies and other species beyond as a symbol of resistance against what they saw as undue oppression by a decadent royalist leadership."

Time Weaver, Elements of Disharmony: A History of Equestrian Strife

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
and all its associated characters belong to Hasbro.

DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse any of the views associated with this flag, nor the alternate history created with it. Also, speaking as a fan of the show, I do not consider the characters' portrayal in said alternate history to be representative of their portrayal in the show. This is made purely for humourous purposes, and not as a serious look at any of the characters mentioned.
Okay, right off the bat, this is not to do with my lack of updates on the site. I have been working very sporadically on some miscellaneous artistic ephemera all over the place lately, but I just haven't had a lot of creative drive like I used to, something I am trying to remedy.

This is about a genuine incident where I came close to serious injury. I was, in fact, involved in a traffic collision on my motorcycle.

This was my first such incident, and I honestly now consider myself baptised into the motorcycling community, having had my first major accident. :p

Luckily, me and the family all seem to have an uncanny knack for experiencing incredibly dangerous accidents that always seem to turn out far better than they could have. As such, I'm largely alright, and aside from a few bruises, a 6-hour late night hospital stay and injured pride, I came out of it largely unscathed. My bike is a bit banged up and will probably cost a bit to patch up, but it does still run, much as I am mourning its scars.

I guess I just have good fortune to thank that I was stationary, the car was braking as it hit me, and that the people inside were kind enough to come to my aid. I can safely say that it is an experience that will never truly leave me, but it is certainly one I hope never to to repeat. Hey, what doesn't kill you and all that, right?

Thank you all for reading. I'll try to work through the aches to get some more material for you, my loyal watchers, because someone needs to get some enjoyment out of this incident. :)

And lastly, please wear safety gear when performing a dangerous activity. It could save your life, or, at the very least, prevent serious injury.
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Sebastian Wolf
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi, I’m Sebastian Wolf, an Australian biologist whose number one goal in life is to rid myself of my human form, and take on my dream form of a Lombax.

I am an atheist, a technocrat, a transhumanist, a furry and a brony. There, that's my life made bare.

Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 5
Luck: 5

Current Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Favourite Music Genre: I have a very diverse palate...
Operating System: Linux (my Windows partition handles my PC games)
Skin of Choice: Yellow fur with maroon stripes


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